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someone stole my tarot cards in nola and I just tracked them down. Email me at about readings please

re: Readings/Life


Peace and Blessings to all of you who have been so patient with me in this difficult time. It’s been a rough couple of months - battling with houselessness, hunger and poverty on levels I haven’t experienced since I was a younger child. I feel extremely depleted and have been doing what I can to care for myself and those closest to me simply - but I have to be honest: I’m fucked up. I’ve tried to keep video documentation of the ways in which I am struggling to be completely transparent but I realize not everyone keeps up with whats going on with me personally and that unfortunately does effect the business I’ve started. 

I’ve been trying so hard to keep up with readings and I appreciate all who have been patient with me and my erratic availablilty - it’s kinda hard to do a tarot card reading when you don’t have a home or consistent wifi. 

I know that it’s not ideal to wait for something you’ve paid for but I’ve been trying to keep on top readings and working with peoples schedules and I’d still like to make it up to all of you who have been waiting. 

Everyone who’s paid for a reading and has been waiting will get one free reading for each month of this year - on top of any they might donate for but a donation is not necessary. Again - I want to be completely transparent about how my home life is whats been affecting my ability to produce and not a lack of willingness to give exactly what I say I can. 

I appreciate all of you who have reached out but I would appreciate you making the subject title your emails/messages  ”missed reading” so that I can get to you first. I’m also in the process of renting a home so my emails are pretty flooded so please - title your emails and I’ll be right there.

Thank you all again for being patient and trying to support me through this time - I cannot tell you enough how this community has been a true blessing to me and my family. 



Hey perfect people! I’m safe and happy in New Orleans and will be available for readings tomorrow after 1 pm central time (one hour behind east coasters and 2 hours ahead of pacific coasters)

Please email so I can meet with you ASAP!!

RE: missed readings

Hi folx! I wanted to let folx know that while things are still working themselves out - I wanted to extend communication to folx about making up missed/rescheduled readings.

Please email me at to set up times - right now my availability starts on Tuesday at 12 noon est.


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V’s 5 Card Career Spread & 12 Month Horoscope

I’ve been reading cards for this person for a few months now and this is the most recent one I’ve done. Her comments  after sending her the link were:

"Can I just say this shit was mad fucken real. Why does this always happen I notice every year I have a good start and a good ending but somewhere in the middle my shit just gets fucked up. Will I be able to view this reading say in another 3 months?? . Thanks tati"

a few quick updates!

  • bogo is extended through the month! (buy one reading and get one free!)
  • personalized monthly horoscope reading videos $2 and 12 month spreads for $20
  • I’m thinking of making an infomercial for my tarot card business; mainly I’d be showing off my cards, talking about tarot card spreads and a few client comments.

please message me if you have any questions here >

12 Month Readings / Horoscope Readings

Would you like to look into each month ahead or maybe the next 4/5 weeks? I’m now offering 12 month spreads and Horoscope readings along with a general read to inspect the past present and future.

Each reading is by donation and you are allowed to ask questions. Please go to for info on how to purchase a reading. Most readings last at least 30 minutes and can be done via Phone, Skype, Email or Youtube Unlisted Video

ALSO! For the rest of 2013 all readings are Buy One Get One Free! You’ll be able to gift the second reading or keep it for yourself until 2015 

Hope all is well and I wish you many blessings with the year ahead!